#notamodel believe it or not 🙈


“Sometimes I think about the funny things you say and I pee my pants a little. It’s true!”

A five-year-old said this to me and I’ve never felt more apologetic and I’ve never felt more proud.


Wimpy Goat (by madebysam)


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Cool hair day.


flyartproductions: pound cake, upside-down cake, carrot cake, icing on the cake Cakes (1963), Wayne Thiebaud / Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2, Drake ft. Jay-Z/Birthday Cake, Rihanna



I am a terrible singer and cannot whistle, so as a child I found it necessary to let people know how good I was (am!) at humming.


“The uneasy suspicion that if you heard yourself talking, you would sound like an a-hole.”
— #amybortonisprobablysuchan@$$¿%£€

This beautiful Saturday morning calls for a gourmet breakfast in bed and enlightened television programming.


Gutter monkey in Beverly Hills.


The truth about Eby.

After what is now THREE times where a cashier/barista has misheard my name as Eby, I am finally ready to accept the probability that I actually just mispronounce my name.



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Anyone call for a kickin’ Tuesday night?


“Oh, it’ll be good to practice on your back because it’s so long. Wait, except you don’t have any back muscle.”
— #massagetime